Psychological Trauma Solutions is a mental health private practice in Maryland that provides comprehensive evaluations and rehabilitative counseling for clients.

3601 Hamilton St. Suite 204

Hyattsville, Md 20782

Telephone: 240-764-5879
Emergency contact: 301-257-0506
Contact Person: Momodu M. Sheku MS, LCPC

Psychological Trauma Solutions provides comprehensive evaluations and rehabilitative counseling for clients who have exhibited behaviors that violate the right, privacy, and sexual respect of themselves or others.

The chief characteristics of the client serviced in the past lacked conscience for their action (anger and violence), illegal occupation ( drug use and distribution), or sexual promiscuity. Some of these clients are reluctant to accept clinical help, and when they do agree; it is often only to avoid legal consequences. 

There are benefits of mental health counseling. Although the aim is not to cure, our rehabilitative model encourages clients to learn of ways to control their behavior that lead to a more pro-social life. 

Proud Clinical Member of the:



American Mental Health Counselors Association



Association for the Treatment of the Sexual Abuse



American Psychological Association