Sex Offender Evaluation & Rehabilitation Service

Most of our treatment and counseling referrals for this service are usually court ordered. Clients referred to our rehabilitative program are usually reluctant to accept clinical help. 

We welcome clients to come and try our program’s rehabilitative counseling models.  You will find that we are open to listening to the circumstances that led up to the offense, and your current level of risk.

Our therapists pinpoint the problematic areas related to sexual deviance, such as inappropriate sexual urges, dynamic behavioral risk, sexual abuse of minor children, solicitation of sex with a minor, and other means of sexual victimization.



  • Provide counseling that provides rehabilitative education through cognitive behavioral therapy for the sex offender.

  • Enhance public safety to community by providing sex offender evaluation, design rehabilitative education and treatment that meets the prevention of sexual violence.

  • Help clients terminate sex re-offense behaviors and move their lives towards a more pro-social lifestyle. 


Treatment Model

Treatment and therapeutic strategies are focused on a cognitive-behavioral model. 

Treatment is guidance for the patient in preventing the thoughts, feelings, and lifestyles to re-offend.​ You'll review your behavior during the incident, and build on prosocial and moral norms.